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Courage and Confidence

It's been yet another amazing week at Traigh Mhor. The weather started off as hot as it's ever been and by Saturday we all had cold hands .

Yet we all have warm hearts.

We have had the privilege of working with so many new clients this week and as always it was Ginti and Gwen that stole the show. Strutting their stuff, likes pros on the dancefloor. They are amazing, the pair of them giving confidence to those who have maybe lost their way and courage to those who have been wanting to try horse riding for the first time.

There were tears of happiness, smiles of joy at the long awaited reunions between the heart of a horse and that of their little girl or boy. They have waited patiently for 3 months to be able to come along to the "Traigh" and back in their happy place.

It's been tough for me and the rest of the family,, the uncertainty surrounding COVID has meant that planning strategically has been impossible. The promised government funding never materialised. In the end it was the council that helped up along and for that I am eternally grateful for. Together with our amazing local community and the friends of Traigh Mhor with offers of fields and grazing, sponsorships and memberships plus donations from the Gofundme.. they provided us with the safety net. Again my deepest gratitude knows no boundary.

Deep down their was a little part of me that thought we may have to close our doors and take away one of the few Outdoor and supervised activities on the Island. Every day that passed I became dogmatic and adamant that I could not let this happen. I can put my head down and battle. Instead, we changed direction, spent time modelling the new norm into our business, we have down sized and concentrated on our incredibly important local market.

So the tears of happiness flowed very close to home. The courage to carry on when everything feels like it is against you and the confidence and self belief that one day things will get better.

But here we are and...

Traigh Mhor is back in the saddle.

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