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Galloping Ahead

We had an incredibly busy Easter here at Traigh Mhor Pony Trekking with lots of beach rides,picnic rides, own a pony days and even an Easter Egg hunt.

As we move through May and into summer we also have lots of exciting things coming up including our first ever Gymkhana on the 8th of June. We also have our mid summer midnight rides down onto Traigh Mhor beach. Something not to be missed.

Our summer visitors are beginning to arrive with lots of people from France, Germany and Canada riding down onto the famous golden sands of Traigh Mhor. We have also added a few more horses to the team too. Tigger is our 13.2hh schoolmaster who is amazing with everyone. Gwen arrived in February, and now that she is getting fitter she is not only beautiful but a lovely surefooted ride.

Finally, perhaps the most exciting news of all. Traigh Mhor Pony Trekking has teamed up with Pony Axe S to bring about the most amazing opportunity for people with mobility issues. We are planning to get Simon and Obama upon August 10th.

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