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Just a trekking centre?

Just a trekking centre?

Sometimes we are asked about what we do here. The easy answer is riding lessons and treks. Yet those that come along know we do so much more.

Learning seems to follow me everywhere. I love to learn and I love to teach. So teaching people to ride comes very naturally to me. Children (and adults) only learn when they are pushed out of their comfort zone and it is knowing how much to encourage people without terrifying them that is definitely more an art than a science.

The aspect that overwhelmes me every time is when I see people coming together from all walks of life, enjoying the atmosphere of the lesson, the trek out or the gymkhana.

The thin hazy line between customer and friend swaps back and forward like a rhythmic purr. Whether they have come out for a meal, sat in the kitchen for a well deserved cuppa or helped steward one of our events. Hence whereforth Friends of Traigh Mhor was born.

But, there is one aspect I never foresaw coming, none of us did. Traigh Mhor is where people come together from disadvantaged backgrounds, whether bullied, lonely, lacking confidence, or have mental, social or emotional challenges.

So we are more than a trekking centre.. a lifeline for vulnerable people and a place for families to enjoy some us time together. A place where we employ young and train young local people and above all everyone is welcome. X


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