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Making a Difference

Take the oldest, most experienced pony in our beautiful herd, an enthusiastic ride leader, a perfect summers day and a child daring to believe she can achieve something more and bigger that she has ever thought possible. The cheers around the yard from all our employees, relatives of clients, and her nana resonate true and for a very long time. The wee girl involved got the biggest round of applause and cheers as she came back down the track . A celebration of an achievement she thought that was once beyond her limits, suddenly there held firmly in her own hands. What had she achieved? Her first few canters up the grassy track, on our very experienced and capable hooves of Timmy. Traigh Mhor's answer to the Luskentyre ponies.

I've been teaching nearly two decades now, and I know how much these relatively small moments can be pivotal in what a young person can accomplish. We should celebrate every success and work on the weaknesses that we all inherently have. Bettering ourselves takes time and patience. A good sense of humour and passion are also required as well as forgiveness. We are sometimes our own worst critic. But, we learn through experience and mistakes and not from getting it right. My role as a teacher would not be needed otherwise . It doesn't matter whether I am teaching in the classroom or at the centre. The rules of learning are the same in all contexts. Try and try again and when that doesn't work...the answer is simple... keep trying!

So, we gallop on through what seems a very busy summer, the horses doing what horses do best, leading the way in all parts of our lives, The centre is alive with the thrum of love for a horse. With friends we are yet to meet. Our employees busy bumbling away like industrious bees making sure that every customers needs are met.

All with the ultimate aim... to make a difference.

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