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Progress and Happiness

When we started off on our journey, there were two intangible rewards that none of us never fully realised. The sheer satisfaction, delight and joy of seeing progress made by our regular customers and the incredible amount of happiness that comes from being with our four legged hero's.

The list includes the first rising trot, first canter, first jump, first beach ride, first time on a horse, first time touching a horse and even first fall. Where even getting on a horse is an accomplishment in its own right. The challenges come like an endless tide, but everyone of our customers overcome the difficulties, accept the challenge and try their best.

And at the centre of this is our four beautiful horses, who give their all to make this all possible. Whether it is Six gently cantering up the field to meet a child's mum. Or Oakie carrying our youngest clients or Ginti's stoic steadfast position against the mounting block to help a less confident person mount up. I'm sure Darby will follow in the rather large footsteps of the other three.

Of course we have lots of availability in October for pony trekking. And thinking ahead Christmas... We are offering the Santa Ride and Boxing day rides/Post Christmas rides to all abilities and remember that we offer a fantastic loyalty scheme for returning clients.

A beach ride in late September.

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