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Traigh Mhòr Pony Trekking

New Customers:

Important Booking Information: Please Read


If you are a new customer, we suggest you take a look at the F.A.Q before booking. 

Prices Inclusive of VAT (20%)

Riding hats are provided and must be worn by all riders. Please wear suitable clothing and footwear. We suggest good solid shoes and long trousers (even on hot days). We have a selection of riding boots available.,

Deposits will be required for many bookings. We regret that no refund on deposits can be given for bookings cancelled within 72 hours of the ride though we will try and reschedule if we can. If you cancel with less than 24hrs before the ride. you will be expected to pay the full fee. 

If on arrival you are unable to, or decide not to ride, full fee is still due, again, if possible we will try and reschedule. 

The duration of rides does include mounting and where appropriate a ridden assessment. Sometimes mounting might take longer due to a nervous rider. Whilst we try to ensure all rides go out on time, this can lead to delays.

The ride leaders also need to ensure your ride is safe, they might advise alternate rides where the weather, conditions or other factors mean your booked ride can not go ahead. In these cases we will refund any difference in cost.

Note that for riders wishing to go on a beach ride without a lead rein. You must be able to control a horse confidently and balanced at canter in an open space. You may be assessed prior to the ride as it involves fast cantering on the sand and the ride leader has the final say. Please be advised that we ride in English saddles only and those who ride in Western may find it a challenge to balance due to the style of riding changing.. In this case we will ask you to post ( rising trot) and you may not be able to canter even if you have done so in Western before. If in doubt, please get in contact us and we will be happy to give you advice.

Our Treks:

The Ride and Groom


£40 per rider

Ride for 40 mins and groom for 20 mins, a perfect introduction to our ponies that is suitable for beginners and nervous riders. Young riders under 5yrs old

North Lewis Peat Road Trail

1 hr 15min £65 per rider

2hrs £95 per rider

Ride through the crofting township of North Tolsta and up onto North Tolsta Moor to the Trig point above Loch Gormag Mor. From here it is possible to see much of North Lewis's ancient blanket peat bog. Returning via the old common grazings tracks in the village. Experienced riders may be able to have short trots and canters on this trek.

Mini Moorland Ride.

1hr long

£40 per rider

Suitable for all the family, including younger ones. this lovely short moorland ride will take you onto some of North Lewis most beautiful and untouched landscapes. 

Pony Experience Days.

6 hrs

£85 per rider

Spend the day literally horsing around from 10am to 4pm with the ponies and staff here at the riding centre. Grooming, tack cleaning, feeding , or bathing the ponies as well as a trek to either the moorland or down onto the beach. Take a packed lunch.

Our Beach Rides:

The Traigh Mhòr Beach Ride. (experienced)

Short Ride (half the beach there and back) £75

Long Ride (full length of beach there and back) £110

Traigh Mhor means big beach in Gaelic and that is exactly what this beach is. Two miles of golden sands and at low tide, provides an exhilarating beach ride regardless of the weather or the time of year. Splash through the burns and water or canter in the waves on a beach that has to be the Isle of Lewis best kept secret. Intermediate to advanced level riders, must be able to control in a canter in a balanced way in open spaces. Total time varies on beach and  includes a short riding assessment of ability. (NOTE: Beach ride times may be affected by tidal and weather conditions)

Traigh Mhòr Mini Beach Ride.

1 hr 15 mins

£65 per rider

Suitable for leadrein and novice riders,  this is a one hour beach ride. This includes a short 1/2 mile road trek through to the beach with fantastic views out to sea and over to the mainland. Then we descend onto Traigh Mhòr beach. (NOTE: Beach ride times may be affected by tidal conditions) Time on the beach 40-50 minutes.

Beach Paddle.

1 hour

£50 per rider

Specifically for younger riders, this is a lovely introduction to riding on the beach. This ride includes short trek down to the beach followed by a splash or paddle in the stream and short trek on the sand. particularly suitable for 12yrs old and under.

Bespoke Private Beach  and Trail Rides.

1-3 hrs

Base price £100 per hour per rider

If you want a really special ride this is your package. These rides are bespoke and usually happen in the evening, when the beach is quiet.

This could be:

  • A quiet, personal ride;

  • A special wave splashing memory;

  • An amazing way to say happy birthday;

  • or a romantic 'I love you' ride;

  • Picnic rides available on request

Contact us directly to talk about your requirements and we will arrange a date and price for you.

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