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Traigh Mhòr Pony Trekking




Hannah is our largest and best known horse. She is a 17hh Shire X warmblood. She is 12 years old and really does love her work. Hannah is an amazing horse and a firm favourite with our returning riders,  She loves nothing more than swimming in the sea or galloping along the sands of Traigh Mhòr.


'Granny' Gwen is a 14hh black Dale mare who arrived at our yard in February 2019, aged 13 . She is a sensible and gentle mare, very easy going and friendly. She loves beach rides. and cuddles.  Despite the nickname, Gwen can move along (if you know how to encourage her) which makes her well liked for both lessons and treks.


Dee (Diamond)

Diamond is our 13.3hh Connemara cross gelding. He arrived here in April 2020 as a 6 yr old. He is a beautiful blue grey roan and is incredibly handsome. He is a gentle, kind and calm horse who loves to please. He loves grooms and enjoys treks out along the beach and  around our common grazing and village. 


Spirit is our island bred welsh cross warmblood who is affectionately known on the yard as Spitz. He is 15hh Skewbald and is now 12yrs old. He is a brilliantly smooth ride on the beach and is never strong. He does make his riders work hard in the school, thought he does know what to do but you have to ask firmly and correctly. His favourite thing is to have his hind legs scratched.



Oakie is our 14 Yr old 14hh Quarter Horse mare. She has the most beautiful colour of coat and striking black tipped ears. Her dun factor is very similar to that of a highland pony with a black stripe down her spine and stripes down her legs. Oakie is a gentle, laid back kind of a pony who loves nothing more than cuddles and grooms. She is very calm, gentle and patient with beginners and children but can also be a more forward going ride for those with experience. She also loves jumping too. She will be often used as our lead pony down the beach.


Dunina 'Lina'

Lina is our micro cob. She is just 12.2hh but is a sassy pocket rocket down the beach with a small rider competent enough to ride her. Otherwise she takes our little riders on lead rein down the beach and up onto the moor. She is a very gently soul who loves nothing more than getting food!



Six is our 7yr old quarter horse gelding and our pride and joy. Six was orphaned at six weeks old and loves being around people. He is 15hh with a white blaze down his face. Six has a lovely gentle 'can do' attitude with just a touch of mischief. He loves exploring the beaches and tracks around Tolsta. Six is a bit of a dressage diva and likes to jump too. His favourite trick is getting a hold of your Zip and pulling it up and down.

Other Horses you might see

Bella  Barry and Ziggy and  are our leadrein ponies and adore the attention from the children.


Jock is our young Highland Pony who is gradually learning the ropes over the next few years.  This year you will see him out on beach, village rides and moorland rides with our customers.

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