Ginti has returned to North Tolsta after a trip away to the mainland! Friendly and inquisitive, Ginti was born to teach and not only taught our two daughters to ride but hundreds of others like them. She is 15hh black and white cob and at the grand age of 18yrs old she is a proper school mistress who knows her job inside out. Ginti might not seem fast, but she has quite a turn of speed (see her galloping at the top of the page) and she can also jump. Ginti likes to call quietly to you and her favourite trick is bowing for a treat...!


Six is our 5yr old quarter horse gelding and our pride and joy. Six was orphaned at six weeks old and loves being around people. He is 15hh with a white blaze down his face. Six has a lovely gentle 'can do' attitude with just a touch of mischief. He loves exploring the beaches and tracks around Tolsta. Six is a bit of a dressage diva and likes to jump too. His favourite trick is getting a hold of your Zip and pulling it up and down.


Oakie is our 12 Yr old 14hh Quarter Horse mare. She has the most beautiful colour of coat and striking black tipped ears. Her dun factor is very similar to that of a highland pony with a black stripe down her spine and stripes down her legs. Oakie is a gentle, laid back kind of a pony who loves nothing more than cuddles and grooms. She is very calm and patient with beginners and children but can also be a more forward going ride for those with experience. She also loves jumping too. She will be often used as our lead pony down the beach. 


Tigger is our 13.2hh welsh cross arab who likes lots of cuddles and attention off of the children. He came to ours in April 2019 aged 15 and quickly settled into trekking centre life. He loves jumping and gymkhana games.


Gwen is our 14hh black Dale mare who arrived at our yard in February 2019, aged 13 . She is a very quiet mare and easy going. She loves beach rides. and cuddles. Her nickname is "the Tank" as she is a very stocky lady capable of carrying adults. 


Whisky is our childrens leadrein pony. He is 12hh, Dartmoor x Shetland . He is like a big brown teddybear! He loves attention, grooms and cuddles.  


Grace is a proper eye catcher. We got her in May 2019 aged 9 years.  A traditional gypsy cob vanner mare with the most amazing piebald markings. She loves going down the beach and her gallop is like sitting in an armchair, it is so smooth! 

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